100% Real: Princess Emma - Fat Piggy For Princess [HD 720p] watch her Teen SEX

Fat Piggy For Princess


Princess Emma enjoys having so much control over you. As a weak, addicted fool you hang on her every word and go to any length to be of use, even if it is for entertainment purposes.She wants up to fatten you up. Seeing you little runts into fat slobbering over weigh piglets and then shipping you in to our Pig Sty of Dependence brings a huge smile on Princess Emma’s face. Young,hot and working out regularly to keep her body looking fit and perfect whilst she force feed you little wimps with extra calories and heap loads of carbs.Today Emma’s going to completely take over your diet and your life. Sje will completely control every single aspect. You are here to join her new diet THE JUNK FOOD DIET. She’s going to make u a new diet plan which will triple your calorie intake, the fat content will double and you’ll just add the KILOS on in weeks. Fast turning into a morbidly obese junk food loving dependent CUNT. Your addiction to Princess Emma will turn into DEPENDENCE. Your life is not worth living unless you eat ALL day EVERY day following our diet plan. Your gym membership will cease and you will send that money to us in payment for making you fat. There will come a time when you cant move. Your bed ridden and it will excite us so much. As the MORE she laughs and mock you, the more you want to eat more and get FATTER, FATTER for US.MP4 * 153 MB * 00:06:04 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online


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100% Real: Princess Emma - Fat Piggy For Princess [HD 720p] watch her Teen SEX