100% Real: Naomi, Bonnie - Naomi and Bonnie Threeway [HD 720p] watch her Latinas SEX - DEC. 06, 2018

Naomi and Bonnie Threeway


We love it when our girls come back to visit and especially so when its two of our youngest sweet things Naomi and Bonnie! You may recall seeing these two 18 year olds showing off their beautiful tits and tight wet pussies as our man Cam took their porn cherries. They both started watching porn at a very early age, so its no wonder they both landed in front of the camera for your viewing pleasure! As it turned out, by the time the fucking was over, these two hotties were bffs and were going to take each other home to really get to know each other. They met up with us at an adult shop to pick out some toys for the shoot and couldnt wait to start fondling each other in the store! Thats what happens when you let a couple of sex crazed girlfriends loose in the dildo section, not that we minded at all! Our firsts started right there with Naomi getting her first titty suck and fondle by another girl and watching her squeal with delight, you know they were going to fuck each other silly in no time at all. 

They couldnt wait to get Cams cock out on the drive to the hotel and reminded us of how good they were at sucking a hard cock. With their tiny twats all moistened up, they got right into it once they hit the bed. This was Naomis first lesbian experience and she loved having Bonnies talented tongue twiddling her swollen clit. When it was time to return the favor, Naomi knew just what to do and its clear that she was born to suck pussy. Since this wasnt just a lesfest, Cam jumped in and made sure each girl had her turn at his massive manmeat. From there you can guess the rest as this sexy threesome switched out with each other with some epic fucking and sucking we know youre going to enjoy. And as if Cams cock wasnt enough, the girls kept the funtimes going with some strap-on fucking that had Naomis eyes rolling back into her head while orgasming hard. The one thing their playcock cant do is splooge and Cam was happy to feed their hungry mouths with a full blown facial that covered their faces. If seeing cum on a girls face is sexy, seeing two of them licking the cum off each other is off the charts. These two were loads of fun and as far as were concerned, they can visit us anytime!


Length: 01:27:19

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Pornstars : Naomi, Bonnie

100% Real: Naomi, Bonnie - Naomi and Bonnie Threeway [HD 720p] watch her Latinas SEX - DEC. 06, 2018

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